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Motivational Speaker, Sales Training - Creative Sales Training by Henry Thomas

You’ve read books that tell you how to fill your pipeline with low-hanging fruit and then teach you how to trick and manipulate people into buying from you.
You’ve heard about sales techniques like “only ask questions that make the prospect say yes” and closing techniques meant to corner your prospect into a purchase: the “Assumptive Close”, the “Compliment Close”, the “Distraction Close”, the “Embarrassment Close” and the “Now-or-Never Close” (just to name a few).
You think to yourself, “There has got to be another way!”

There is.

Motivational Speaker, Sales Training - Creative Sales Training by Henry Thomas

That’s why after attending numerous of these seminars Henry Thomas founded Creative Sales Training. Henry does not talk sales theory – he talks real life selling. You don’t have to compromise your ethical standards to be profitable…we’ll show you how to be successful and get referrals your clients.

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We believe that learning is best achieved through real world understanding of the challenges your team faces each day. You will never find cookie cutter solutions from Creative Sales Training but rather our training is designed to be fun and effective while addressing the ethical and marketing challenges that your staff faces each day in today’s changing marketplace. Selling in today’s changing marketplace requires that your staff understands the needs of the prospective buyer. In today’s changing marketplace every prospective buyer has a sign that says MMFI. Does your sales staff understand what your prospective buyers are asking for? Quite simply they want the sales person to - Make Me Feel Important!
After many years of real world selling and sales management, he is an enlightening keynote speaker and a dynamic seminar leader that will involve the attendees, because Henry is a believer in the statement:

 He wants them to have proven ideas that work—today. 
We reinforce our training through exercises, workbooks and skill-based development. We understand that new and better selling habits requires understanding, diligence, and repetition to retain and develop new skills. As such, our methods always provide a fertile, consistent and practical approach to all levels of sales training.

The future belongs to the listeners, the communicators and to those passionate and dedicated leaders who not only have an enormous amount of energy, but who can energize those around them. His program is designed to help leaders and potential leaders to listen, to be resourceful, to embrace change and to expect, and profit from the unexpected.

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